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Connect Without
Using Data

Simple. Efficient. Easy.

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How To Connect To A Zone

It Only Takes Three Easy Steps

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Step 1

Look For The Logo

When you see the Information Zone sign you know there is a Virtual Zone active in the area. You just need to access it.

Step 2

Connect to the Zone

IZ Cores function just like Wi-Fi hotspots, but instead of accessing the internet you access a companies Virtual Zone!

To Connect To A Zone*

  • Go to settings

  • Access tour network/connections tab

  • Click on Wi-Fi

  • You will see the company Virtual Zone. Click on it.

*Connection works with Android, Apple and PC.​

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Step 3

Virtual Zone

You can now access the company Virtual Zone. Each Zone is different with options including:

  • 4K Video Replay

  • Document Downloads

  • Online Bookings (where available)

  • Links to Additional Services

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No Data Requirements.
No App Downloads.
Simple. Efficient. Easy

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At locations where Information Zone is installed the IZ Core acts as a wireless sender within a 10m radius from the IZ Cores position.

This means Visitors can access a Virtual Zone, regardless of remote location, data signal or internet connection.





No Lag In




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